Folk Dance Book Survey

Estimated time: 5-15 minutes. Due by October 1, 2009.

The purpose of this survey is to gather information about dance communities for a folk dance book by independent writer/dancer Erica Nielsen for Greenwood Press. Questions are based on themes brought up in preliminary interviews. You will not be identified. Please copy and paste this content into an email, and send to ericawritesdance at gmail dot com. Thanks for your help!

1. Gender:_____    2. Age:____  3. Retired: Yes  /  No

4. Main occupation (If retired, former occupation): ______________________________

5. Degrees beyond high school:____________________________________________

6. From the list below, what is/was your main dance activity?

Square dance___   Contra___   Clogging___   International Folk Dance___

Other (specify)_______________________________________________

7. Have you participated in these dance forms? If so, please indicate the timeframe with exact or approximate years (such as 1980s-present). Also describe where you primarily danced including the type of setting (e.g., school, church, youth center) as well as the city/town, state and country if outside the United States.

Traditional square dancing (barn dancing):   

Modern western square dancing (requires lessons and has levels like “mainstream”):

GLBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender) modern western square dancing:  

Round dancing (cued partner dancing that usually happens in a modern western square dance context):

Contra dancing:

Gender-free contra dancing:

International folk dancing:

English country dancing:  

Scottish country dancing:  

Irish dancing:   

Balkan dancing:

Israeli dancing:  

Dancing with “ethnic” communities for special events (like at a Bulgarian church with Bulgarians on Easter):


Country western and line dancing:



Other (please specify):  


8. Briefly, how did you become involved in dance?


9. Have you danced recreationally, performed with a group, or both? Please describe.


10. Do dancers have other shared interests? Let’s find out. Check the activities you participate in currently, or did in the past. Please feel free to elaborate or add more activities in the empty space below.

___ Sports ___ Traveling in U.S. ___ Sewing
___ Gym workout ___ Traveling abroad ___ Cooking
___ Hiking ___ Traveling in RV ___ Gardening
___ Bicycling ___ Learning a language ___ Carpentry
___ Equestrian activities ___ Reading ___ Singing
___ Fishing ___ Writing/journaling ___ Playing an instrument
___ Hunting ___ Poetry ___ Church activities
___ Boating ___ Scrapbooking ___ Community service
___ Motorcycle riding ___ Genealogy ___ Handmade arts and crafts
___ Car repair ___ Puzzles/board games ___ Photography
___ Hanging out at bars ___ Facebook/MySpace ___ Interior design
___ Hanging out at clubs ___ Surfing Internet ___ Landscaping
___ Television/movies ___ Blogging/Web design ___ Taking classes for fun

Elaborate or others:

To enter contest to win a free signed book when it is published, send me a note in the beginning of the email that you would like to enter the contest and the best way to contact you if I draw your name. Contact information will only be used if you win, and for no other purpose.

Thanks for your participation! *Erica


July 9, 2009. Survey.

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